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Terms & Conditions

ALL TUITION PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Tuition is payable by credit card and or bank draft only. If tuition payment is denied or returned for insufficient funds, additional fees may apply.  If your financial institution denies tuition payment, you may be asked to forfeit your child's place in the program.  Any and all cancellations or withdrawals require a 30-day notification and account holders signature to receive an SNHDT account credit and are subject to a cancellation fee. Refunds are not given for classes missed or unattended.


I give permission for Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater (SNHDT) to take photos of me or my child while participating in SNHDT activities for promotional purposes.  I understand that for the safety of our dancers and their families all photos and/or videos of SNHDT classes, rehearsals and/or performances, including dancers in SNHDT costumes, will not be published or posted publicly, in printed or electronic format, without the express written permission of SNHDT and the Director.


I will not hold Southern NH Dance Theater (SNHDT) or any faculty member liable for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by me or by my child while a student at SNHDT or while participating in online virtual dance classes hosted by SNHDT. I understand that dance is a physical activity and injury may occur. I may decline to participate or request that my child not participate in any activity, which I feel may be harmful. I am also responsible for informing the instructor of any physical or developmental limitations that may prevent my full participation or full participation of my child in class. 


I understand that Southern NH Dance Theater is not responsible for providing day care for the student or siblings before or after the designated hours of any dance class or program.


I understand that by providing my email address, I agree to receive marketing communications from Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater in accordance with the school’s Privacy Policy.

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